It can be challenging to know who you can trust these days, especially when it comes to home repairs. You certainly don’t want to be taken for a ride by a con artist. A good way to avoid this is to know some of the tricks that con artists use so you can watch out for them. Here are some common ones:

Quotes given from ground level for roof repairs. If someone gives you a quote for repairs to your roof but has only looked at the roof from ground level, be wary. Unless the damage is extremely obvious, only a thorough, close-up look at the roof will reveal the actual problem.

What about painting and decorating? A con artist may attempt to charge you for high-quality paint when they are really using low-quality products. One way to avoid this scam is to purchase the paint yourself and have the contractor provide only the labor. This way, you can be certain of the paint’s quality.

Some unscrupulous contractors will replace parts that do not need replacing or use substandard parts to save on costs. Have them show you the part that is broken, and if it does need replacing, ask to see the new part before it is installed, preferably while it is still in its packaging.

Finally, always be suspicious of overly high estimates. Some con artists will quote a high price in the hopes that you will accept it without question, but getting several quotes can help you determine a fair price for the work to be done.

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