For many people, December is a month when family and friends spend time together at home. So, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some household safety tips and reminders to keep everyone in your home safe.

When the weather is cold there is nothing like a warm and cozy fire. If you have an open fireplace in your home, always double-check that the flue is open and remove any flammable decorative items from around the fireplace before your light it.

String lights and candles, while pretty, can also present a fire risk, so never leave a candle in a room unattended or next to combustible items. Check that there are no fraying wires or broken bulbs on string lights that could make them hazardous.

With fire posing a higher risk this time of year, you may also want to give some attention to the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms in your home. Go through the house and test each one, making sure it works well and doesn’t need batteries.

You should also be aware of extra dangers in the home this time of year. For example, did you know that certain plants are poisonous? Poinsettias are one of those plants, so if you have any at home, make sure to keep them out of reach of small children and animals.

Yes, taking just a little time to review the safety in your home will ensure it remains a safe and welcoming place to be.

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